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12 Benefits of selling vendor pitches and concessions online

Event organizers have long since embraced selling public tickets to their events online and the benefits have been significant. With the latest advances in event ticketing platforms, now it is time to start selling your vendor pitches and concessions online.

Benefits of selling vendor pitches and concessions online

  1. Time management: sales start when you want and end when you are ready. There are no semi-legitimate late entries like there are with a paper based vendor applications for pitches or concessions. When you have enough vendor applicants you can stop further applications.
  2. Financial security: payment can be taken as part of the booking. No need to wait for bank cheques to arrive by post or to wait for someone to make the bank transfer that they promised.
  3. Fast vendor communication on availability: when the vendor starts booking he gets immediate feedback if the pitch he wants is still available or if the length of pitch he wants is still available.
  4. Less time spent telling vendors that a pitch or concession that they applied for is no longer available, the booking system simply won't sell a pitch that isn't available anymore.
  5. Increased revenue: sell additional products to the vendor when he books. These could include electrical power, parking for extra vehicles or additional chairs and tables.
  6. Save time with less follow-up emails and phone calls to your vendors by asking them for all the information you need up front on the booking form. Unlike paper forms, an online booking form can have mandatory fields which can be used to make sure every booking has the necessary minimum information.
  7. Save time further by asking vendors to upload any important documents or certificates that you need and make it mandatory. As a result you will have all the documents at your fingertips in one place on the booking system.
  8. Reduce your legal risks by asking vendors to upload copies of hygiene certificates, insurance certificates etc as part of the booking process.
  9. Improve your selection of vendors by reviewing the product photos they send you and the answers they provide to your questions all in one place.
  10. Communicate any important messages to your vendors quickly and easily now that you have all their email addresses as part of your booking system.  No manual entry needed.
  11. Control vendor entry: send the vendor an e-ticket for his pitch that you or your staff can verify at the event instantly by scanning their ticket (using a smart phone or hand scanner).
  12. Improve vendor selection next time by having easy access to the information the vendor shared with you last time together with your own notes you entered about how they performed as a vendor at your event.
  We wish you every success with your event sales! The Coconut Tickets team Coconut Tickets provides a ticketing platform for selling public tickets and vendor pitches (concessions).