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14 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Coconut Tickets

Here is a small selection of things to help you sell your events online that you might not have known.

#1. Sell vendor pitches (concessions)

. Many event organizers subcontract services such as catering or market stalls. These concessions (including physical slots or pitches) can be defined in Coconut Tickets and sold on line. Many different types are supported including selling at a fixed price or bidding in an online auction.

#2. Easily repeat events

. A successful event is often run again year after year at a similar time. With Coconut Tickets you can add a new date to an existing event and immediately put it on sale. The investment you made in entering the details of the event, the ticket types etc are preserved and used again saving you time and money year after year.

#3. Re-use your sales landing page

. Each event you sell needs a sales landing page, but you don't need to create a new sales landing page. If you like the sales landing page you already have then you can use it for every event you put on sale.

#4. Copy ticket definitions

. You may organize multiple events and the ticket types you sell for those events maybe similar. To save you time when you create a new event you can copy the ticket definitions into your new event.

#5. Order form conditional questions

. Each event has its own order form. You can change the questions on the form dependent on the answer to the previous question. For example you can ask if they plan to arrive by car and only if they give a positive reply do you then ask for the registration number of the car.

#6. Vendor file uploads

. On the order form for a vendor pitch you can ask for documents and photos to be uploaded. For example, this can be used to upload a copy of the vendor public liability insurance or a photo of what their service looks like in operation.

#7. Display images specific to an event

. By default your sales landing page will display your business banner on every event. However, on each event definition you can add an event specific image (that replaces your business banner) and an additional featured image for display on your sales landing page.

#8. Testing payments

. Before you put your tickets on sale you can switch your payment gateway to test and safely make test purchases at no cost.

#9. Upgrading mid-month

. Your subscription billing cycle is 1 month. During that month if you need to upgrade to a higher plan then your card will only be charged for the cost uplift of the remaining days before the start of your next monthly subscription charge. For example, upgrading half way through the month will only attract an additional 50% fee of the difference in cost between the current plan and the new upgraded plan.

#10. Private events

. Coconut Tickets displays it its website

a list of all the events

it has on sale which is an opportunity for new customers to discover your event. If you don't wish your event to displayed in this way then on the event form you can declare it to be "private".

#11. Ticket time slots

. You may have an event that is sold by the hour; e.g. yoga lessons or visits to Santa's grotto. On Coconut Tickets within one event you can sell tickets specific to a particular time slot, e.g. Customer can choose from Yoga Party 9:00-10:00 on 28th March or Yoga Party 10:00-12:00 on 28th March.

#12. Re-sending confirmations

. Some email confirmations will get lost and you will need to resend them. With Coconut Tickets, to save you time, you can view the archive of all the emails sent and with the click of a button re-send a confirmation (with PDF e-ticket attachment).

#13. Sell from emails

. If you have an email list for your event then you can send everyone on your list a link to your Coconut Tickets sales page. When they click on the link then they can buy your tickets from Coconut Tickets website.

#14. Sell from WordPress

. Use the Coconut Tickets plugin to sell tickets direct from your WordPress website. Customers can buy tickets without leaving your website.   For help on how to use any of these points please contact us at

  Or to find out more about Coconut Tickets and the free trials on offer, visit our website