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5 Reasons why your customers didn't receive their e-tickets

Online event ticketing platforms all have one thing in common, they issue e-tickets. Typically these e-tickets are sent by email to your customers. But as the organizer you will receive complaints from some of your customers that they didn't receive their tickets, why is that?

#1. Email sent to the wrong address.

Customers are human and they can make mistakes entering their email address. This is especially common when someone has more than one email address or there are repeating characters in their address. One character wrong and the email won't arrive.

#2. Customer is looking at the wrong email inbox

Imagine that the customer buys tickets in their break at work. Can they be sure that they used their work email address or one of their own personal email addresses?

#3. Email was received in the customers spam folder

Any email received from an address that is not in the customer's online address book risks being treated as spam. Did the customer check their spam folder before they wrote saying their ticket didn't arrive? As per #2 above, for which of their accounts did they check the spam folder?

#4. Email was returned as spam

This is worse. The ticketing system sent the tickets but they were returned by the customer's email service provider. There are lots of reasons for this. Some are under your control, such as whether the chosen subject line is identified as being spam, but other problems such as the reputation of the sender you can't do anything about. Sometimes these issues are temporary and it works when sending the tickets again a few days later otherwise your ticketing provider may have some engineering changes to make.

#5. Email wasn't sent at all

There are two main causes: either the ticketing platform had a software issue or the email provider rejected the emails as spam and refused to send them. Economy hosting platforms are very strict on the emails they allow to be sent, any risk of the email being spam will cause it to be rejected. Often this is hidden because the ticketing platform will believe that the emails have been sent successfully.

If you want to spend more time getting your event ready and as little time as possible dealing with customer lost ticket inquiries then it is important to choose a ticketing platform with professional quality e-ticket delivery.

Coconut Tickets is a complete online, flexible, ticketing solution. It checks the email addresses your customers enter and asks them to confirm anything that looks wrong.

To send e-tickets by email Coconut Tickets uses the MailGun industrial strength email service. Every email sent is tracked the length of its journey. Any failure to deliver an e-ticket is reported to the event organizer so that they can take corrective action.

Every email sent is immediately available for viewing by the event organizer from the Coconut Tickets application. If a customer hasn't received their tickets then this is first place to look to find out what happened. From here e-tickets can be sent again or forwarded to an alternative address without any copy/pasting of addresses or e-tickets.

Coconut Tickets also offers alternative e-ticket delivery methods. This includes offering the customer to download their tickets immediately after purchase or proposing they open a free account from which they can access all their tickets at anytime.

For more information or a free trial please visit Coconut Tickets