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The Best Way to Sell Event Tickets Online

As an event organizer, you have prepared your event for a great guest experience. You have made all the arrangements, booked the venue, contracted with the caters etc. However, you may still be wondering  how you can sell all your tickets to your customers, how to prevent ticket fraud and how to control entry to the event.

From our experience at Coconut Tickets we have worked with a lot of event organizers and learned a lot about event ticketing. We want to share our experiences with you on selling event tickets online.

Problems with finding the best way to sell event tickets online

Here are some of the problems faced by event managers while selling tickets for sports, concerts, and festivals online:

The best way to sell tickets online for your event

Step-1: Make a plan to sell tickets online

Identify what you want to sell, how you want to sell it and who the audience for the event will be.

Step-2: Create your own / Choose an online ticketing Platform

Build a solution or pay monthly for an existing proven service. Only build if you are absolutely sure your event can't be sold using an existing platform. Look for free trials to help validate your choice.

Step-3: Design your ticket sales page

This is the page where your customers buy your tickets. Add your branding and ensure all information needed to buy a ticket is on this one page. Create an online booking form to collect customer information.

Step-4: Choose how to get paid

Choose the best method for your ticket customers to pay. Could be as simple as using your own PayPal or Stripe account.

Step-5: Start selling your tickets

Preview your ticket sales page to check it looks right. Link the sales page into your own website or social media. Switch the event “on”.

Step-6: Promote your event

Use social media and forums to spread a description of your event and a link to your sales page. Use discount websites to offer discounts to your “early bird” buyers.

Step-7: Track sales performance

Regularly track your sales by ticket category and in total. Reduce the availability of early bird tickets as sales take off.

Step-8: Check in participants

On the day, print your final “door list”. Use a ticket scanning app to check guests in with your phone.

Coconut Tickets can help you sell tickets to your events. Benefits include:

We wish you every success with your event sales!

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