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Changing your Coconut Tickets subscription plan

The number of events you can have on sale and the number of tickets you can sell are defined by your current Coconut Tickets subscription plan. If you need to put more events on sale, or sell more tickets than your current subscription plan allows then you might want to upgrade your plan. Alternatively, if your event has come to an end then you may wish to change subscription plan and reduce your monthly fee.

Once you are logged in then you can click on the link below to access your subscription account page.

Access your subscription account

You should see a page like the screenshot below.

If you would like to change your membership level (to downgrade or upgrade your subscription) then please follow these simple steps below:

  1. Log in to Coconut Tickets.
  2. Either click this link or select "manage subscription" from the "profile" menu.
  3. On the subscription details box, select upgrade or downgrade
  4. Then click on the "Change Subscription" button.

The screenshot below shows how the change subscription page looks.

  1. Next, select the plan you wish to upgrade/downgrade to.
  2. Then click the "submit" button

If you are upgrading then you may be charged the additional cost for the remaining number of days until your normal monthly payment date. You will only be charged the additional cost for the extra days. Then on your usual monthly payment date you will be charged the full subscription amount for the month.

Being subscribed to any membership level will keep your account open. Upgrading to a higher membership level will allow more tickets to be sold at more events. Cancelling your subscription risks losing your event setup and sales data (after some time).