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Comparing Customer Attendance Between Events

Coconut Tickets "Customer Comparison" tool can be used to identify:

Who attended event 'A' but didn't attend event 'B'

For example, who attended last year but hasn't bought a ticket yet this year?

Who didn't attend event 'A' but did attend event 'B'

This could be used to find who was new to your event this year.

Who attended either event 'A' or attended event 'B'

The result would be the complete list of any customers that were at one or the other of your event A or your event B (but not any other occurrences of your events)

The people who attended both event 'A' and event 'B'

You could use this to find your loyal customers, those who bought tickets for both of these events, not including any customers to that attended only one of these events.

Using the customer comparison tool

To open the Customer Comparison tool, on the top menu click on the "Sales" menu, then select "Customer Comparison" from the sub-menu. You will see that it looks similar to the Customer Database tool (tutorial here) except that two events need to be selected in the filter area: event A and event B.

As per the customer database, in the event drop down list you can select either all occurrences of an event or a particular occurrence of the event for a defined date period. Most frequently you would set event A and event B to define a comparison between two occurrences of the same event; for example to compare customer attendance between this year (event A) and last year (event B) for the same event.

To use the Customer Comparison tool, the two events and the type of the comparison must be selected. Then to display the results click the "Filter" button.

The screenshot below shows an example customer comparison.

In the example, a comparison is shown between the same Village Fete events but on different dates. Event A (on the left) is the Village Fete from December 2016 and Event B (on the right) is the Village Fete in 2018. The comparison that has been selected is "attended event A and attended event B". So the results show the loyal customers that attended the same event 2 years apart. Anyone that bought tickets for only one of those events will not be displayed.

Those results could then be exported to a spreadsheet (using the Export or Export All Pages buttons) and then, for example, used to send promotional emails to the loyal customers.