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Creating event ticket categories with Coconut Tickets

Each ticket sold comes from one of the event categories you will have created for your event. Examples of ticket categories include: Adult, Child, Adult first day and Adult complete event.

You can create these ticket categories either during the creation of a new event or by adding ticket categories to an existing event in the event admin area.

Define ticket categories

Before any ticket categories have been created the page will look like this screenshot below (for a Puppy Show event).

To create a new ticket category click on the "Add ticket category" button and a new ticket category will open up.

Imagine that we want to offer customers a ticket that permits an adult to buy an early ticket for £15, admits exactly one person and of which no more than 10 can be bought at once. Then when we have entered the information the ticket categogry will look like the screenshot below. Note that total tickets equal to zero means that the tickets are unlimited (or more exactly the number of tickets is limited by the event limit we already defined).

Then we might want to create a family whole day ticket that allows 4 people to enter for £34, but because we are heavily discounting this ticket we will limit the number of tickets that can be bought in one go to 5 and limit the total number of these tickets on sale to 50. This ticket is for one day out of a multiple day event, by stating the ticket period as "whole period" Coconut Tickets will offer the ticket for sale on each of the days the event is open. When filled in, the new family ticket would look like the screenshot below.

View the list of the created ticket categories

As each ticket category is created and the changes are saved, we should see all the categories we have created in the ticket category grid on the current page. Each ticket category can be open or closed as necessary for editing. When finished and all the categories are closed it will look like the example screenshot below.

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