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How customers can pay by Stripe or Paypal

Coconut Tickets ticket platform enables your customers to buy event tickets with Stripe or PayPal. This article will explain how to set up one or both of these options.

Remember when you use either your PayPal or your Stripe accounts you receive all the ticket revenue. Coconut Tickets supplies the connectivity but does not receive the funds directly.

To enter your payment accounts follow this process

  1. Select your "Business Profile" from the event dashboard left sidebar
  2. Click on the "Payment" option on the Business Profile page
  3. Click "Add account" and fill in the details to create each new account
  4. When you have added your accounts, click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page

Coconut Tickets supports the following automated payment methods:

  • PayPal Classic
  • PayPal REST
  • Stripe

The account details for each type of account are slightly different. See the examples below for the exact placement of this information.

At the top of the list of payment accounts is a field with the title "Receive payment using live or test accounts". This switches between the live and test accounts that you have defined. Using test accounts may be useful if you have a lot of testing to do before putting an event live.

If you have defined more than one live payment account then on the payment page for your tickets (or vendor pitches) your customers will get to choose which payment method they wish to use. The screenshot below is a section of a sales page taken after the customer chose to make a card payment with Stripe.

When you follow this process your payment account details are encrypted before they are stored. Neither your customers nor other Coconut Tickets events managers can see your details.

For information on how to create the PayPal REST API keys you will need to configure PayPal payments in Coconut Tickets, please see Getting PayPal REST API keys for Coconut Tickets

More information on getting started with Coconut Tickets can be found in Getting started with Coconut Tickets