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Even Wait List

Coconut Tickets helps you to get the contact details of your potential ticket buyers when your event is fully booked. This is achieved through enabling a Wait List for your customers to register their interest.

If you have enabled this feature, then when your event is sold out your customers will see a message on your event sales page inviting them to register their interest for this event.

An example of a sales page with a wait list registration form can be seen below.

In this example we see that the guest has successfully saved their contact details.

Here follows an explanation of how to enable a wait list for your Coconut Tickets event and how to get your customers to book when more tickets become available.

Switch on your wait list

First of all, you will need to enable the wait list for your event. You can do this from the "advanced" menu in the event admin tool.

From the dashboard, click on the "view" link for your event and you will enter the event admin. Then on the left hand menu click "advanced" and the menu will expand as shown in the example below.

Near the bottom of the advanced menu is the "Wait list settings" feature that you will need to select to enable the wait list for your event.

Clicking on "Wait list settings" will open a form like the one in the example below.

By default the wait list is disabled. To enable, change the radio button to "Wait list enabled".

You will notice that there are other settings that you can change using this tool:

  • Maximum number of people that can be on your wait list at any one time.
  • The title to display on your wait list registration form
  • The message that you want to display on your registration form

Notice that all these settings have default values. So you can leave them as they are if you prefer.

Next click "Save" and your wait list is ready to be displayed to customers as soon as your event ticket sales reach full capacity.

Viewing your wait list

With your wait list enabled and when your event is sold out then the visitors to your sales page will start entering their names on your wait list.

You will be able to see how many people have registered by looking in any of these three places:

  • the "on sale" section of your event dashboard
  • your automatic daily sales email
  • the wait list management tool

Here below is an example taken from the event dashboard showing that 3 people are on the wait list for the Duncton Fireworks event. Remember that you will only see the On-Sale Summary if your event is still on sale.

Managing your wait list

When your event is sold out, you may receive cancellations, or you decide to release more tickets (i.e. you increase the maximum number of people allowed for your event in Coconut Tickets) you will want to invite people from your wait list to buy these new tickets and keep the event full.

To do this, go to your wait list management tool. This can be accessed from the top "Sales" menu, the option is labelled "Wait list requests".

Here below is an example of how this tool looks.

This tool allows you to send an invitation to all the people you select from you list. In the invitation they will find a link that takes them straight to your sales page to make it as easy as possible for them to book.

To see who is on the wait list, click the "Filter" button.

To select people, either click on the checkboxes in the first column of the grid or click the "Select All" button to target all the people on your list.

When you are happy with the selection made, then click the button "Send selected" and an email will automatically be sent to everyone you have selected. It will take time to send your emails, so don't be surprised if it takes a a minute before success is reported.

Note that each entry on the wait list has a status. This is to help avoid sending emails to the same person twice, or to remove someone from your wait list that you don't want to send an invitation to (status "ignore").

When a guest first joins your wait list their status will be "new". Then when an invitation has been successfully sent to them then their status will change automatically to "sent". With this status, even if you select them and try to send an invitation email to them a second time then the email will not be sent.

These features are here to help you maintain the potential customer's trust and by avoiding sending multiple emails that could be misunderstood as being "spam".

You can also customize the content of the wait list booking invitation email using the usual email template editor available in the business profile section.