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Getting PayPal REST API keys for Coconut Tickets

Coconut Tickets is built to last into the future and as such uses the PayPal REST API which is the latest payment mechanism from PayPal. The REST API uses different credentials to the classic PayPal connections. This page explains how existing PayPal account holders can create the credentials necessary to use Coconut Tickets to collect the payments from their customers.

Note that to use the PayPal REST you must have at least a business account with PayPal, it will not work with a personal PayPal account.

Step 1.

Use your normal PayPal account identifier (your email address) and your normal password to log on to the PayPal develop's website. The URL is

The developer's website looks like this.

Step 2.

Once logged in you should see this page.

Step 3.

Scroll down this page until you find the section called "REST API apps"

Then click on the "Create App" button

Step 4.

The application creation form is displayed. All you need do is type in the name you want to give the application, this could be "CoconutTickets". Enter the application name into the purple area on the screenshot.

Click "Create App" to create CoconutTickets as a REST application.

Step 5.

Instantly the application will be created and the Sandbox credentials for the application will be displayed as per this screenshot.

The Sandbox credentials are useful for testing the application but they can't be used to accept real money from customers.

Step 6.

Notice that in the top right hand side of the credentials page there is a toggle button Sandbox/Live, which I have drawn a red ring around. Click on "Live" to see the live credentials. You should see a page like this screenshot below.

Step 7.

Carefully copy the following three lists of characters that will be entered into Coconut Tickets

  1. PayPal account (looks like an email address) copy into the Coconut Tickets account field
  2. Client ID (the area highlighted in dark blue in the last screenshot) copy into the Coconut Tickets Client ID field
  3. Client Secret (click on "Show" underneath the heading) copy into the Coconut Tickets Client Secret field

Open your "Business Profile" in Coconut Tickets, click the "payment accounts" option in the left sidebar and add a PayPal REST account. It will look like the example screenshot below.

That's it! You have created your live PayPal REST API credentials and are ready to use them to accept payments.

For information on how to configure multiple payment gateways please see this tutorial.