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Sell different time slots on different days

When you sell time slots tickets you will know the general pattern of time slots for each day. For example, you may have an event running for a month where people come in every 20 minutes from 10am to 5:50pm.

However, you might find that on certain days you don't want to offer as many time slots or perhaps on a public holiday you want to offer more time slots to allow more people to enjoy your event.

To achieve this you can create custom time slots schedules. These special schedules are displayed to your customer on your sales page instead of the regular time slots that you have configured for rest of the event.

For example, imagine that on January 26 you don't want to have any bookings after 5pm, but you still want to allow bookings up until that time. This can be achieved by:

  1. Selecting the event from the dashboard
  2. Then in the admin area for that event select "Edit time slots" from the left hand menu
  3. A list of all your time slots will be displayed, for a new event these will probably all be marked as "regular"
  4. At the bottom of the page you will see a button labelled "Add Custom Day" next to a date selector.
  5. Select January 26
  6. Click on the "Add Custom Day" button
  7. Many new time slots will be added but this time they will be declared with your chosen date (at this stage the time slots will follow your regular pattern)
  8. If you event normally runs until 17:50 then you have two time slots on January 26 that start after 5pm (at the bottom of the list) click the trash can icon to delete these (be careful not to delete the regular time slots)
  9. Then click save

See below for what this is will look like for an event that has 20 minute time slots.

If you were then to go to the sales page you would notice that no slots after 5pm on January 26 are available for selection. They are not shown as "sold out" but instead are not available. If you try to buy tickets for January 25 (or any other date) then there will still be time slots available after 5pm.

To conclude, there are "regular" time slots that apply to all of your event dates. These are the time slots that are generally used. Then there are custom time slots that exist for specific days only. If you have at least one custom time slot defined for a particular day then the regular time slots will be ignored for that day.

Instead, if you are looking to block out whole days (e.g. Sundays) from your event schedule, then follow the link below for a simpler approach.

Block out whole days from your event schedule