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How to automatically ask your vendors to pay by bank transfer

Coconut Tickets is designed to do as much as possible online and to reduce the administrative work that an organizer needs to do. However,  there are times when you might not want to take payments online and instead you prefer a direct bank transfer. This article explains how to automatically instruct your vendors to pay you by bank transfer every time you accept an application for a pitch.

Before you can send these instruction you will need to add the bank transfer details to your business profile as if they were another payment type.

This is explained in the following tutotrial.

Payment by bank transfer

The process is identical for tickets and vendor pitches. When vendors choose to pay by bank transfer then they will recieve an invoice with your bank details. After you have seen that they have paid then you can change the status of their booking to "settled" in Coconut Tickets and their tickets (vendor pitch tickets or public tickets) will be released and sent to them.