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How to block out days in your event schedule

You may have an event that runs for a month and you want to take a break each Monday. Or you have a one week event and you need to temporarily close the event on Wednesday to do maintenance. These can be achieved by "block out" days from your event schedule.

  1. Once you have created your event, then you can block specific days like this.
  2. From the dashboard, click to "view" your event and enter the event admin area
  3. Select "Change Event Dates" from the left hand menu
  4. Underneath your event schedule area (where you will see your start and end date), you will see the title "Block any dates on which the event is closed".
  5. Click "block another date", choose the date for which you want the event to be closed.
  6. Click the "save" button

For example, if you have an event in January and February 2021 and you want the event to be closed on every Monday starting January 25, then you would need to enter 5 dates. See the screenshot below for what this would look like.

Later on, if you decide to open the event on any of these dates that you have blocked then you can unblock any date by clicking on the trash can and then clicking on "save".

It is important to know that the list of blocked out dates only affects the booking dates available to a customer from the sales page. Therefore, if you were halfway through a day, needed to leave and didn't want to take anymore bookings for that day, then you could block the whole day and it wouldn't have any impact on any bookings people had already made.

Alternatively, if you are using time slot tickets and you need to close the event for the afternoon then please see the article linked below on how to create custom time slot schedules.

Have different time slots on different days