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How to download all vendor documents for one booking

Vendor pitch sales often require the collection of many documents such as insurance policies, hygiene certificates and product images. You can capture these documents using the vendor order form in Coconut Tickets. Those documents can then be viewed in Coconut Tickets at anytime. However, you may also need to download those documents. This article will explain how.

  1. Find the "Bookings" menu at the top of any page
  2. Click on the "Bookings" menu and select the "Manage Bookings" sub-menu
  3. On the manage bookings page find the booking that you need (e.g. use the filter tools)
  4. Click on the booking number (left most column) and the booking detail will be displayed in a popup (see screenshot below)
  5. At the bottom of the popup you will see a row of buttons
  6. Click the "attachments" button and any documents uploaded with the booking will be downloaded to your browser in one zip file.

Example screenshot of the booking detail popup with the "Attachment" download button clearly visible at the bottom.

  You will need an archiving tool such as WinZip or "unzip" on your computer to view the downloaded zip file.

The documents in the zip file are grouped internally by Coconut Tickets order number. The benefit of this is that you can have multiple orders as part of the same booking and this avoids the documents from different bookings getting mixed up.