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How to put event tickets on-sale in 6 minutes from first sign-up

To save your time, Coconut Tickets has been optimized for event organizers to get event tickets on sale faster than before.

Version 3 of Coconut Tickets, available since January 2020, takes an intelligent approach to putting your public tickets (or vendor pitches) on sale. The event organizer's tools have been redesigned based on the feedback received. This has been delivered without changing the ticket buying customer's view of Coconut Tickets.

Highlights include:

  • One dashboard with the sales status for all events
  • Smart tool for the complete event creation process
  • An event admin area grouping all the actions for an existing event
  • More relevance by showing or hiding features depending on event status
  • Being able to pause and then return to actions later on

The video below follows the complete process of signing up for a free trial, creating an event, and putting tickets on sale in 6 minutes.

To sign-up and then put tickets on sale the process is:

  1. Sign-up (for a free-trial or subscription)
  2. Complete the simple business profile questions
  3. Create a new event
  4. Arrive at your event dashboard
  5. Put your event on sale
  6. Publish the link to your sales page

Of course we can't guarantee that it will only take you 6 minutes, but we have proved that it is possible. Our support team is available if anyone needs help.

To create a new event, it takes one click to start the "new event" wizard and after that it will guide you through the entire process, step by step. Coconut Tickets aims to ask you the right information at the right time, avoiding unnecessary questions and not asking for information that isn't needed yet.

For example, when you first login and create your business profile there is no mention of payment accounts because Coconut Tickets doesn't know if you are organizing a paid or free event. Then when you are creating your first event and you add event tickets, only then will Coconut Tickets decide if you need to enter a payment account or not. If all the tickets are free then no payment account is needed, otherwise it will ask for one payment account to be added after the tickets have been created.

In the same spirit, you will be asked right at the begining if you wish to create tickets with timeslots (e.g. 10am, 11am etc), sell vendor opportunities (stalls and pitches) or to sell public tickets. After that only questions relevent to that event type will be asked.

We also understand that the time you have available for ticketing can be interrupted; for example if you need to stop to deal with a venue issue or go looking for an image that you want to upload. Therefore, the tools that take more time to complete, such as the new event wizard, can now be paused at any point. When you pause, every question you have answered will be recorded and you can resume from where you paused (even days later).

Of course this is not just for new users, anyone who has used Coconut Tickets before will notice the difference as soon as they login. Happily, any events you created in the past with the previous version of Coconut Tickets will still work with this new version.

The screenshot below shows what you can expect to see from the new event dashboard. Information is clearly laid out and the left sidebar shows the actions that can be taken.

The next screenshot is an example of the event admin area where all the actions can be found for an existing event. In this case an event is being put on sale.

For more information on how the latest version of Coconut Tickets can be of use to you please visit the website.