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Linking WordPress to Coconut Tickets

Linking to sales pages on Coconut Tickets

The link publishing tool in Coconut Tickets allows visitors to your WordPress site, social media or emails to connect to your event sales pages.

This tutorial will focus on one of these options: embedding your Coconut Tickets sales page into your WordPress website using the WordPress plugin.

Install the WordPress plugin

First install the Coconut Tickets WordPress plugin by searching for "Coconut Tickets" in the plugin repository, or following this link Once installed, activate the plugin. The rest of this tutorial is based on the plugin installation instructions on the WordPress website.

Publishing a WordPress link

Each sales page that you want to be visible through your WordPress site needs to be linked to Coconut Tickets through a special link embedding code that is generated by Coconut Tickets.

To do this, start by logging into your account on Coconut Ticket's website. If you are a new user to Coconut Tickets then you will be first asked to complete your business profile. A registered user will instead see their event dashboard.

If you don't have an event created then click the "New Event" button in the left sidebar and follow the instructions.

When you have created at least one event then you will see it listed on the event dashboard under "Your Events". Find the event you wish to embed in to WordPress and click on the "view" link for that event and the event admin will open. On the left sidebar of event admin look for the "Publish links" option. See the example screenshot for the left sidebar.

The 4 different types of links can be published from this tool.

  1. WordPress plugin embedding (the WordPress icon)
  2. Link embedding
  3. Button embedding
  4. Code embedding

So to create the link with your WordPress site you can click the WordPress icon on the embed popup, which will display the embed link code in the empty area at the bottom of the page below the icons. Then click the copy icon (at the right of the text box) and the link embed code will be copied to the clipboard.

Paste the link embed code onto your WordPress page

Next, back on your WordPress site paste that embed code where you want it on your post or page. The embed code is a WordPress short-code. It contains all the information needed to tell the Coconut Tickets WordPress plugin how to display your sales pages.

Publish (or update) your page on WordPress. When you view the page (as if you were a visitor to your website) you should see your Coconut Tickets sales page now displaying within your website.

Congratulations. At this point you have linked your WordPress site to Coconut Tickets and you can start to sell tickets for your event from your website.

Trouble shooting

When you view your WordPress page, if instead of seeing your sales page you get a message saying that the event is not on sale then look back at your Coconut Tickets event dashboard. Check that sales for the event you have linked has been switched to "on". Only when sales are on for that event will the tickets be displayed. Beware that the number of events you can put on sale at the same time is dependent on your chosen subscription plan.

Alternatively if you see a message on the sales page that says that the event could not be found, then you have a different problem. The most likely cause of this error is that there has been a copy/paste error when transferring the embed code from Coconut Tickets website. It could also be that you chose the wrong type of embed code. To solve either of these problems repeat the link embedding section of this tutorial.

Technical note

Considerations for your technical team, using the Coconut Tickets plugin the sales page will adapt itself to the space that you give it. So if you have a page with lots of tiles and you paste the embed code into one tile then it will not get bigger than the tile. However, if you give it the whole page then it will only take up as much space as it needs but this will be adjusted automatically as not every sales page is the same size. If this is not large enough for your purposes then to give it the most space possible consider using a link embed rather than the plugin. This will always open a full size browser tab when clicked but the sales page displayed will not be surrounded by the design of your website. This is a choice you would need to make.

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