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Register a new payment card

No payment card lasts forever. If you are a subscriber to Coconut Tickets and you wish to change your payment card then please follow these instructions.

Login to Coconut Tickets as normal

From the top menu, look for the "Profile" option. It should unfold to look like the screenshot below.

From this "Profile" menu, select the "New payment card" option.

A new page will display in which you can enter the details of your new payment card. It will look like the screenshot below.

Enter your card long number, expiry and any other details as requested.

Don't forget to accept the terms and conditions.

Click the "Save" button.

Within a few minutes you should receive an email confirming that your payment card details have been changed.

The next time you make a payment for selling tickets on Coconut Tickets then this new payment card will be debited.