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October 2018 newsletter


Many of you have events that repeat from year to year. As a consequence we recognize this is an important use of Coconut Tickets for us. At you request we added new features to help monitor your repeating events.

Recent improvements

Subscriber monthly payments can now be made in Euro, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars or British Pounds. Your payment currency is automatically detected when you first view the website. If there is another subscription currency that would make a big difference to your business then please let us know. Your event customers can now receive an invoice and pay by bank transfer. This is only available for the sale of vendor pitches today and fits well with the situation where many vendors apply for the same opportunity and the event organizer must choose who to award the concession to. If this is something that you want to see for tickets sales as well then please let us know. The subscribers event dashboard is now easier to use on a mobile device. We see that the majority of event organizers use Coconut Tickets on a desktop device although the number of mobile users is increasing. If you are a mobile only user we would like to hear from you.

Comparing Event Sales Performance

From the very first delivery, Coconut Tickets has had benefits specifically for event organizers with repeating events (especially events that repeat yearly). We wanted to avoid unnecessary copying and pasting of events so we made it easy to simply add a new set of dates to an existing event and by doing that making it a repeating event.

Talking to event organizers we realized that what was missing was how to compare the sales of those repeating events. It is very important to know if you are selling as many tickets as last year throughout your campaign. This can be a trigger to spend more time and money on marketing to reach your sales targets.

On the graphing analytics page of Coconut Tickets you can now view two events simultaneously. Coconut Tickets will automatically resize the graph you are viewing to fit in both events as line graphs or bar charts. In this way you can compare sales revenue over time between two events or, alternatively, view the number of tickets sold.

Where before you may have needed to input your sales information into a spreadsheet to compare two events, now you can achieve the same result all within Coconut Tickets.

Product roadmap

Recently we announced that public ticket customers and vendors would be able to create their own accounts. I am pleased to announce that this is working and many ticket customers and vendors have signed up. This is part of a longer road map that will provide benefit to event organizers by helping them know who is most interested in their events as well as helping the customers to find other events on Coconut Tickets that they might wish to attend. So there is still more to come on this subject.

Our product roadmap is flexible. We listen to you and adapt the roadmap based on the feedback we receive. If there is something important to you that you can't find in Coconut Tickets then please contact us and we will tell you if it is planned or when we might be able to include it. We welcome your feedback.

Which currencies for tickets sales?

Subscribers to Coconut Tickets can now make their monthly payment in US Dollars, Euro, Canadian Dollars or British Pounds. But what about tickets sales, which currencies can you use?

With Coconut Tickets you use your own Stripe or PayPal account to collect the payment from your ticket sales. The downside of this is that major payment gateways are restricted in the currencies that will allow you to settle payments in. At the moment PayPal supports approximately 25 currencies (but not in every country). This list from Facebook explains which currencies they support and Coconut Tickets follows the same model.

New tutorials

Learn the basics of how to use the graphing analytics in Coconut Tickets sales graphs and bar charts

For repeating events, learn how to graphically compare two events without resorting to spreadsheets or external tools of any kind compare sales from two events


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