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Payment by bank transfer for any ticket type

An economical solution for selling a small number of tickets is to ask your ticket customers to pay by bank transfer. This is a multi-step process as follows:

  1. Create a bank transfer payment method and enter your bank details
  2. Customers select your tickets and receive an invoice by email
  3. Using their online banking they pay your ticket invoice
  4. On receipt of their payment you update Coconut Tickets and their e-tickets will be automatically emailed to them

In the following sections we will look at how to complete steps 1 and 4 in more detail. Step 2 seems no different to the customer to buying any other tickets, except that they will not be asked to pay online. The details for step 3 will depend on the specifics of the customers online banking website.

Create a bank transfer payment method

Edit your business profile: from the event dashboard click on "Business Profile" option in the left sidebar. You should see your business profile as per the screenshot below for the Ticket Club.

Click on the "Payment" option. You will see displayed all the payment methods that you have currently configured.

To add a bank transfer payment method, first click on the "Add Account" button and an account will open. Fill in the account details for your bank transfer as per the example screenshot below.

For UK banks the sort code and account number need to be entered into the account field, and for international accounts the IBAN will be needed. This is the information that will be printed on the customer invoice.

When you have entered the bank transfer details, click "Save".

Post payment processing

The invoice automatically sent by Coconut Tickets will include all your bank payment details as you entered them, the full amount to pay and a reference number to use. The reference is the Coconut Tickets booking number.

Using your own online banking, once you see that a payment has been made you need to note the reference number on the payment and update Coconut Tickets.

To update Coconut Tickets, go to the "booking" menu and from there select the "Manage Manual Payments" option. This will open a page like the one in the screenshot below.

If you don't have many bookings then click on the filter and all your bookings will be displayed. Otherwise to look for a specific booking, enter the booking number (payment reference) into the "search value" field, then check the "booking#" radio button and then click on the "filter" button to retrieve the booking. An example screen shot of retrieved bookings is shown below.

Next the status of the booking needs to be changed from "Pending manual offline payment" to "Payment settled", then click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

As soon as the status is updated, Coconut Tickets will automatically send the e-tickets to the customer by email. Therefore this last status update step is critical, otherwise your customer will not receive their tickets.

Only when the status has been updated to "payment settled" will the sale appear in the dashboard statistics.