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Repeating events on Coconut Tickets

When you hold an event for the second time (repeating events), Coconut Tickets can save you the time and frustration of entering all the details of the event for a second time.

To put the same event on again all you will need to do is:

  1. Edit the existing event by clicking on the view link to your event from the event dashboard.
  2. On the event admin page click on the "change event dates" option in the left sidebar.
  3. Don't change the dates on the existing schedule but instead click the "add new dates" button to create a new event schedule and enter the new dates.
  4. Using the "active schedule" radio button make sure the new schedule will go on sale.
  5. Click the "save" button to record your changes.

The screenshot below shows the event schedule for a repeating event where the event has been scheduled twice.

Notice that the event has two schedules defined: one in february and one in september. The schedule in september is flagged as being active, so when the event is put on sale it is tickets for the september event that will go on sale.

At this point you can put the event on sale. The event information and venue information will already be there from the last time. The tickets and pitches would already have been defined and you can put them on sale directly.

For multi-day events only, if you sold special tickets for particular days (e.g. you had a special discounted ticket on the first day of the event only) then the ticket will work the same for the new schedule too. There is no date on the ticket that needs to be changed. So in our example the discounted ticket for the first day only of the old event schedule will still be a discounted ticket for the first day only of the new event schedule.