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Resolving PayPal issues with Coconut Tickets

If every ticket sale results in a "Payment Failure" message and you are using PayPal to take payments, then this article can help solve the problem. Listed here are the most common causes of PayPal ticket payment failures.

  1. Ensure you really have PayPal REST keys (client and secret keys), Coconut Tickets does not support the older PayPal Classic method.
  2. Check that the public and private keys have not been swapped over. The secret key from PayPal must be entered into the Coconut Tickets secret key field and the “client ID” value from PayPal needs to be entered into the public key field of Coconut Tickets.
  3. Verify that every character from the keys has been entered, copy/paste sometimes only gets the beginning of a key, make sure the whole key is entered.
  4. PayPal REST provides both test/development keys and live keys. To enter live keys into Coconut Tickets make sure you have clicked “live” on PayPal before starting to copy the key value.

Alternatively, if you get to the stage that some payments are working but not others then it is more likely to be a problem with the bank card being used the PayPal account from which payment is being transferred.

Contact support for assistance if you still can't take payments. We have seen most problems before and will be able to help you get your tickets on sale and taking payments very quickly.

For more information on getting your PayPal REST keys from your PayPal account, please see this tutorial.