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Scanning tickets with Coconut Tickets App

All PDF e-tickets issued by Coconut Tickets have a QR code on them for identification. You can read these e-tickets manually or use the Coconut Tickets app for scanning tickets.   The scanning app is available for free download to any Android powered smart phone. To download the app onto your Android phone visit  

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To configure the app so that it links to your account see 

configuring the coconut tickets app to scan tickets

4 Benefits of using the app for scanning tickets

5 actions available on the app

These 5 actions are available on the app:

When you have downloaded and configured the application then you will see these 5 actions clearly on the main icon menu; here is a screenshot.

5 actions for scanning tickets shown on the app home page screenshot

Let us look at how you can make use of these 5 actions at your event.

Ticket information

At any time you can use the "Ticket Information" action on the app to find out the status of the ticket being scanned. This action is different to the other scanning actions offered because the result of this scan is not recorded so you can use it as often as you want. Imagine that you see someone at your event and you are not sure if they have a valid ticket and whether their entry has been recorded or not; in this case you can use "Ticket Information" to find out without changing their status in the system.

Event entry

If you are running one event at your location and you want to validate tickets to decide if the ticket holder can enter or not then you would use the "Entry Event" option. This will check that the ticket is valid for that particular day and if it is then the ticket holder will be recorded as having entered the event. If anyone else then tries to enter the event with the same ticket then the "Entry Event" option will fail and warn the person scanning tickets that there is a risk of ticket fraud.   For more information on using this option see 

event entry by scanning etickets with your phone app

Entry to a specific event

Alternatively, if you had multiple events taking place at the same location but each individual event has its own entry point then you would use the "Entry to a specific event" option. This allows you not just to check that the ticket is valid for use today but also that it is valid for a specific event which in our example would detect people who got into the wrong queue by mistake.

Temporary exit from an event

Sometimes ticket holders have already entered an event when they find that they need to temporarily leave and come back for some reason. In the past this may have been achieved by stamping their hand with ink. Instead, with Coconut Tickets you can use the "Temporary Exit" option to record that the person is coming back. Remember that you don't want to record that they fully exited the event because then the system will think someone is doing ticket fraud by trying to enter with a ticket that has already been used.

Exit from an event

When you know a ticket holder is leaving the event completely then you can use the "Exit from an event" option to record their exit. This is useful if you have strict rules on how many people can be in the event venue at any one time, you can scan ticket entry and exit then use the Door Entry report in Coconut Tickets to see who is still in the event at any time.   For more information on setting up the app 

Configuring the Coconut Tickets app to scan tickets

For more information on the basics of Coconut Tickets see 

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