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Selling event tickets with Coconut Tickets

Selling event tickets with Coconut Tickets is easy and repeatable. A wide range of ticketing models are included to allow many different types of events to be sold. This overview will focus on the types of public tickets (B2C) that can be sold and the different business models that this supports; it won't go into the details of each field and button on Coconut Tickets.

Sales process for selling event tickets

Whether you are selling public tickets (B2C) or vendor pitches (B2B) the process is the same:

Ticket models

Events can last for less than one day, a whole day or a consecutive number of days. Then the event might repeat the same pattern again at some defined point in the future (e.g. an annual show). These events with a defined start and end are the types of events that Coconut Tickets has been built for. The tickets you sell for these events could be as simple as one ticket per day for each day that the event takes place. In Coconut Tickets this is define as a "whole day" ticket. When you define the whole day ticket you could give each ticket a specific date or leave it open so that the customer can choose the date. If you had an event that ran each day for one week then you might want to offer a special week-end ticket at a reduced price that allows the ticket buyer to buy one ticket and then attend for both days. This is a "multi-day" ticket in Coconut Tickets. You may have die-hard fans for your event that like to attend every single day that the event is open. In Coconut Tickets you can meet their needs by offering "complete event" tickets. The purchaser buys one e-ticket and is then entitled to enter every single day of the event.

Multi-person tickets

We know that not everyone attends an event on their own. With Coconut Tickets you can create e-tickets that allow a defined number of people attend your event. For example, you could create a family ticket that permits 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) to enter your event. This is the "#people ticket admits" value that must be defined for each ticket.

Enforcing a seat limitation

You may have limited space at your event and to stay within your safety limits you need to ensure you limit selling event tickets to no more than a set number of seats. With Coconut Tickets you can define the maximum number of seats available at an event and it will make sure this number is not exceeded. Given the space constraints you might want to control the numbers of different types of tickets sold to avoid losing revenue on too many low cost tickets, this can be achieved with the "Total tickets" amount that is an option on each ticket type created. These requirements can be combined so you could create a large family complete event entry ticket which admits 6 people at a special price but is limited to a sale of 10 tickets of this type. Also, for the same event you can sell tickets of different duration across different days and Coconut Tickets will keep track of the availability of tickets by day and make sure the total people allowed to enter at any point in time does not exceed the event limit (if one was set). For example, many whole day tickets may have been sold but they have not reached the limit until someone wants to buy 10 complete event tickets which would take the total number of seats over the event limit.

Time slot tickets

You may also have an event that runs for a number of days and takes place every hour from 11am to 4pm, selling event tickets for this type of event with Coconut Tickets is also possible. This is useful if you were selling a Father Christmas experience that could only accept 10 children every 2 hours; or it could provide the ticketing for a seasonal ice skating event that starts every hour, lasts for 45 minutes and has a break of 15 minutes to prepare for the next visitors.   To see more details of how tickets can be defined please read 

Creating event tickets with Coconut Tickets

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