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Selling tickets for repeating short time slots

An event such as an ice-rink or yoga sessions has a restriction on the number of people that can participate at any one time. Therefore to give the best customer experience tickets are sold for specific time periods; e.g. 13:00 to 14:00, then 15:00 to 16:00. Coconut Tickets supports this model of event with a "time slot" ticket.

All events in Coconut Tickets are created by clicking "New Event" on the event dashboard and following the instructions. This is the entry point for time slot tickets but some of the choices in the wizard will be different to whole day event tickets.

From the event wizard:

When asked what type of event, select "Tickets with multiple time slots". Immediately after you will be asked to create the timeslots for your event.

This is where you can enter the regular and exceptional time periods for your time slots. For example, if your event had two periods each morning then you might create time slots that start at 9:00 to 10:00 and then from 11:00 to 12:00 leaving time for cleaning and preparation between the two entry times.

The example screen shot below shows what it would look like to enter these two time slots.

Then the event creation can continue as it would for whole day tickets (enter event description etc) until you reach the page where you create your ticket categories.

You will see in the screenshot above that the Ticket Period is set to "time slot" rather than "whole day" or "complete event". This is critical because by telling Coconut Tickets that the ticket category is for timeslots it will automatically offer adult tickets at this price for all the timeslots that we have entered across all the days of the event. There is no need to create ticket categories for each timeslot, which is a huge time saving.

After this, the remaining event creation pages will be the same as they are for whole day events.

When you preview your sales landing page you will see that the ticket buyer can choose the date and time slot he wishes to attend. The example screenshot below shows part of the sales landing page after the customer has chosen the date, time and quantity of tickets for this ice skating example.

If the timeslots needs to be changed once the event has been created then that can be achieved in the event admin area.