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Switching ticket sales on and off with Coconut Tickets

You can put your public tickets (or vendor pitches) on sale or take them off sale manually at any time. Also, if you know in advance when you want to take these actions then you can instruct Coconut Tickets when to put the tickets on sale for you and when to take them off sale.

Only when you tickets are "on sale" will the public be able to see your landing pages and buy your tickets. If the event is not on sale then any customer that visits the sales landing page will see a message telling them that the event is not currently on sale and that they should contact the organizer for more information.

Manually putting tickets on and off sale

When you are sure that your sales landing page is displaying how you want it and that all your ticket types are displaying and correct, then you can go to the event dashboard and put your tickets on sale.

From the event dashboard, find your event and click on "view" to open the event admin page for this event. On the left hand sidebar you will see an option entitled "Put on/off sale".

A page similar to the screenshot below will open.

Not only can we see that the event is not on sale but we are also being told how many events are currently on sale (zero in the example). This is important because the number of events that can be on sale is dependent on the subscription plan that has been chosen.

To put the event click on the toggle icon in the middle of page. If the extra event is within your subscription plan then the event will immediately be on sale, no save button needs to be clicked.

After putting our example event on sale the screenshot below was taken.

Alternatively, if the event subscription has been exceeded then the event will remain off-sale and an explanation will be displayed.

Automatically putting tickets on and off sale

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