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View your Coconut Tickets subscription account details

The number of events you can have on sale at any one time and the number of tickets you can sell is determined by your  current subscription plan. This article explains how to view your subscription and to see whether you are within your subscription budget.

When you visit your Coconut Tickets event dashboard you will see how many events Coconut Tickets has counted that you have on sale, your active subscription plan, the amount and frequency of your payments and the date on which your account will expire. An example is in the screenshot below.

The color of the circles indicates the subscription status. Green circles mean that the events being sold are within the subscription limits and red circles indicate something is wrong.

In addition to this, anytime that you want to see the complete details of your Coconut Tickets subscription account, once you are logged in then you can visit the URL link below.

Your account page will look like the screenshot below.

At the bottom of the subscription details page you will see a list of past invoices. To access any of these invoices, simply click on "Download" and a PDF of your invoice will be downloaded in your browser.