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What are vendor pitches on Coconut Tickets and how can they help my event?

Many public and private events offer the event visitor additional services and facilities while attending the event. These services will vary depending on the type of event,  examples could include:

  • food services
  • bar services
  • sale of memorabilia
  • craft sales
  • photography
  • childcare services

Often the event organizer doesn't provide these services directly but instead sub-contracts them to specialist vendors. The space that this specialist vendor then occupies at the event venue is termed a "vendor pitch". Therefore when an event organizer sells vendor pitches online using Coconut Tickets he is sub-contracting a concession or external event service to a third party who can then setup his stall in the allocated event pitch.

In the industry a vendor pitch may also be referred to as a "vendor slot" or a "concession area".

Selling vendor pitches can increase the revenue of an event at the same time as improving the customer experience by providing additional services for the event visitor.

Depending on the venue of the event a vendor pitch might be defined by width (frontage), by area or chosen from a map of pre-defined pitch locations at the event. Historically a vendor pitch would be sold in person or by letter. With a modern event management platform a vendor pitch can sold online and paid for online, alternatively a vendor may bid for a particular pitch online and if accepted he will then pay online when he is notified of his bid having been accepted.

Selling a pitch can be quite document intensive. The increased focus on health and safety requires that vendors provide multiple documents such as proof of insurance policies and food hygiene certificates before they can start work. A modern event management platform includes the features to accept these documents online as part of the vendor pitch submission, and then offers tools to manage the documents once received by the event organizer.

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