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Who are my best customers by revenue?

You can use Coconut Tickets "Customer Revenue" tool to see the list of your customers and how much they spent on tickets for any of your events.

This tool is similar to the "Customer Database" tool, for which there is a tutorial here, except that it calculates the revenue for each customer. If you have big events with lots of customers then it may take longer at peak times to see the revenue results than just a plain customer list.

To open the customer revenue tool, look for "Sales" on the top menu. Click on "sales" and then click "customer revenue" on the sub menu.

In the filter, select the event you wish to see the results for. As per the customer database tool, you can choose between seeing all the customers for a particular event or pick a specific instance of the event (e.g. community event 2018). Click the "filter" button to see the results.

The screenshot below shows a sample customer revenue list.

Notice that the results are in decreasing revenue order. So your best customers by revenue will be at the top of this list. For example, in the screenshot Margaret Hammond is the best customer by revenue. However many purchases a customer has made there will be one result shown with the total amount spent. Discounts are not included in these results, they are the raw ticket face value amounts.

You will see in the example that the results only apply for the event that took place on the 1st and 2nd of December 2016, even though there maybe other dates on which this event took place.

The "export" and "export all pages" buttons can be used to download a CSV file of results.

Using the search field the results can be restricted to those matching a particular email address or name. The order type filter field can be used to distinguish between revenue results for pitches and revenue for tickets if the event happened to sell both types.