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Who are my customers?

Use the Coconut Tickets "Customer Database" to view a list of who the customers are for your event. You could get similar information from the "manage orders" report, but the customer database puts the core customer information into one list without any booking details. Also it is quick way to get the customer list for a specific occurrence of a repeating event (e.g. Fireworks 2018).

From the top menu click on "Sales", then towards the bottom of the menu click on "Customer Database". This will open the following page as shown in the screenshot below.

To use the customer database, select the event from the filter list . Notice that in the event list each item consists of the event name plus "All" or a date range. This is so that you can select all occurrences or one specific instance of a repeating event.

Then click on the "filter" button to retrieve the results. The screenshot below shows an example of the results.

The customer database results consist of the default customer information fields on your ticket order form: name, email and phone.

If you have an event with sales pitches and public entry tickets then the "order type" filter can be used to specify the order type you want to see the results for.

A search value can be entered into the filter to look for customers that match a particular name or email address. These values will also partially match so if you search for "" then the results will only contain your customers that have gmail addresses.

Clicking the "Export" button at the bottom of the page will download a CSV file of the results showing on the page. Clicking on "Export All pages" will download a CSV file with all the results for that event (not restricted to the those shown on the current page).