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Who are your best customers?

Selling tickets online you don't get to meet your customers before an event. Online sales are automated, people buy tickets which are then delivered without any interaction with the event organizer. For a successful event this raises some questions.

How would you know who your event customers are?
From your event ticket platform you should be able to view a list of who has bought tickets for each of your events. You should be able to see their names, email addresses and maybe their phone number. To get more detailed information you should be able to view all the ticket orders that have been placed for each event, of course this may contain multiple orders from frequent customers.

If you wanted to look after your best paying customers, would you know who they are? To do this you will need to rank customers by revenue. If you run more than one event, or if you have events that repeat (e.g. a yearly festival), then you may need to combine the results from each occurrence of the event. When this information is sorted by revenue (highest to lowest) then the people at the top of this will be you best paying customers. From this information you might want to create a VIP email group to help keep these people in the loop on all your event news.

Event sales maybe slow for one of your events, how would you know who to target with a sales promotion? The easiest solution would be to temporarily lower you ticket prices or to issue a coupon for a limited period discount on the ticket price. A more targeted approach would be to find who has attended this event in the past but hasn't bought a ticket yet, a small email nudge in their direction may well get them buying tickets. Also, if you run similar events, are there people from those events that might want to attend this event? Unfortunately, when you don't know your customers and you have a large number of attendees then it is difficult to do this instinctively. To do this you need tools to compare event attendance for occurrences of the same event and to compare attendance across different types of event. Ideally these tools would be part of your event ticketing platform, otherwise it will take a lot longer if you have to export all your data to spreadsheets and do the comparison yourself.

Coconut Tickets has Customer Database and Customer Analytics functionality available for every subscriber to use, at no extra cost. Simple customer lists for a particular event can be displayed within seconds, after which the result can be exported as a spreadsheet.

The difficult task of identifying who attended your last event but didn't attend the current event is simplified by using the Coconut Tickets Customer Comparison tool. The tool can be used to answer questions such as "who are the customers that attended event X and also attended event Y" or "who attended event X 2 years ago but didn't attend last year".

The Customer Revenue tool in Coconut Tickets enables the reporting of revenue for each and every customer. This can be used to find answers to the questions "who is my most valuable customer across all my events" or "who were my most valuable customers at event X" or even "who was my most valuable customer at this event 2 years ago". Results can be exported in a spreadsheet format.