Coconut Tickets community help center

In the Coconut Tickets community help center, you will find articles and tutorials to help you sell your event online. The first tutorial in each section offers a high level overview, then the following tutorials in the same section cover specific actions in more detail.

Coconut Tickets 101

Getting started

Video demonstration: how to sell tickets


Best way to sell tickets online

Best way to sell vendor pitches and concessions for events online

12 Benefits of selling vendor pitches and concessions online

Selling Vendor Pitches

Know the vendor pitch types you can sell

Bidding for vendor pitches

Selling fixed layout vendor pitches

Selling measured (frontage) vendor pitches

Request documents on the booking form

Selling Public Tickets

Selling event tickets

Creating tickets

Selling tickets for short time slots


Receiving payment for tickets and pitches

Your PayPal configuration

How customers can pay by Stripe or Paypal


Collecting information with a booking form

Collecting customer information with a booking form

Collecting vendor documentation with Coconut Tickets booking form

Using sub-forms and conditional logic in your booking forms


Sales landing pages and website linking

Easy sales landing page

Linking WordPress to Coconut Tickets

Scanning event e-tickets

Using the app to scan tickets

Event entry by scanning tickets

Trouble shooting

Running your event campaign

creating coupons


sales activity

Repeating your event

Repeating an existing event

Your membership

View your account status

Upgrade/downgrade your subscription package

Coconut Tickets community help further information

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