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Affordable Alternative to Eventbrite

Coconut Tickets is an affordable alternative to selling tickets on Eventbrite. It is a flexible online ticketing platform that enables event organizers to sell tickets to a wide range of indoor and outdoor events.

FeatureCoconut TicketsEventbrite
Market positionPlucky upstartLeader
Ticket costAmong the lowestAmong the highest
Ticket sales modelFixed fee per ticketPercentage of ticket price plus fee per ticket
Ticket sale payoutDaily from Stripe/PayPalWhen the event is complete
Add on featuresAll features available with every planFeatures depend on payment plan
Target marketEvery small to medium businessMiddle of event market
Issues e-tickets with QR codes
Event entry app
Fully customizable event confirmations
Sell vendor pitches online
Repeat events without copy/paste
Unlimited ticket categories
Time slot tickets
Event wait list
Drag, drop and click sales page
Customize sales page URL
Sell merchandise with tickets
Print door list ordered by last name
Ticket booking form with unlimited conditional questions
Own your sales data
Fully customize sales page SEO