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Event Organizer Frequently Asked Questions

You only pay for the tickets you sell, the rest of the time you will not need to pay.
You only pay for the tickets you sell. A big event will sell more tickets and therefore pay more than a small event that sells less tickets.
Anyone can create their ticket sales page with Coconut Tickets. You can accept the design we automatically create for you, or you can customize the design with our online tools until you get the design you want.
You can include your branding, your business name and your logo on the ticket sales page. The same branding will be displayed on the e-tickets issued.
Coconut Tickets can be used for single or multi day events. Each event can have an unlimited number of ticket types (e.g. Adult or Child) each with their own price. You can even sell a ticket just for the last day of a multi-day event.
You can choose, this is a marketing decision you will need to make. You can place your link to your Coconut Tickets sales page on your website, in an email or any social media tool you are using. When the customer clicks then Coconut Tickets takes control of the sales process for you. In addition, visitors can also find your events listed on Coconut Tickets own website.
Yes, you can download our free WordPress plugin to sell tickets direct from your WordPress website
We support Stripe, PayPal REST and PayPal Classic. If you dont have any of these then I would suggest opening an account with Stripe (can be achieved in a couple of days). Or, for low volume ticketing events you could use our manual bank transfer option.
Customers make their payments directly into your own PayPal or Stripe account. Coconut Tickets never receives the ticket payment money and consequently doesnt apply any restrictions or penalties on receiving your revenues.
To use Coconut Tickets services you need only pay for the tickets you sell. However, your payment services provider is likely to charge you a fee for your use of their services (e.g. PayPal 2.9% fee for withdrawals - verify this for your own account).
When you sell tickets, you bank card will be charged automatically at the end of each month. We do not deduct any amount from your ticket revenue.
You only pay for the tickets you sell. So you have the flexibility to sell more or less than planned
Tickets are issued with a QR code as well as a ticket number. When guests arrive at your event you can choose to scan their tickets using our free smart phone ticket scanner app or print a door list and check them off manually.
Not at all. Once an event has been created you need only add the new event schedule and you can put your event back on sale again for the new dates.
Both groups are active users today. There are a rich and flexible set of features to setup your event exactly how you want it, or you can follow the online hints and ignore any sections marked as optional until the day you have an event for which you need to use them. You can ask our support team for help at any time.
Yes of course. Send us a contact request with your details and we will happily speak to you.
Sign-up for a free one month trial. No bank card required and no commitment.

Ticket Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

You should have received your tickets by email, first check all your email accounts including spam folders - it might be there somewhere. If that doesnt work, then contact the event organizer and ask them to resend your tickets. At the very bottom of each ticket sales page look for Contact The Seller
At the very bottom of each ticket sales page look for Contact The Seller. Click the name and send them a message.
If you display the ticket QR code on your smart phone then the ticket entry scanner can read it. You shouldnt need to print your tickets. If in doubt, check with the event organizer before the event.
If you have paid for your tickets then your reservation in assured. Contact the event organizer to request your tickets to be re-sent.
First, make your ticket selection as usual. Then on the payment page look for the coupon field just above the payment options and enter your coupon code before pressing the pay button. If the coupon is valid then your discount will be automatically applied when you pay.
The best solution will be to purchase an additional ticket.
Refund, cancellation and exchange terms are not the same for each event. Contact the organizer of your event and ask them for their assistance.