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Coconut Tickets has reviewed its policies and processes ready for the adoption of GDPR on 25th May 2018.


Our policies for privacy and terms of use can be found through these links

Privacy policy

Terms of use


Both policies apply to ticket sellers (event managers) as well as to ticket purchasers (event attendees). Since the very first days of Coconut Tickets, the ticket seller has been able to display their policies for approval at the ticket checkout. This is important because the contractual relationship is between the ticket seller and the ticket purchaser, legally Coconut Tickets is providing a service to the ticket seller.


In accordance with GDPR principles, anyone (ticket seller or ticket purchaser) that wants to see if Coconut Tickets holds any information on them can apply in writing either through the website Contact us page or by sending an email directly to Proof of identity will need to be provided. More information about this can be found in the privacy policy.


Coconut Tickets does not store attendee credit card or PayPal details. Through our use of both PayPal and Stripe payment solutions, attendee card details are kept secret between the attendee and the payment processor.


Any questions on GDPR compliance can be sent to

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