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Sell School Event Tickets

For a limited period, Coconut Tickets offers free event ticketing for schools, colleges and government organisations.

Free really means free! No monthly subscription fee, no per ticket fees, no sales commission and no withdrawal fees. Ticket revenue is paid directly into your PayPal or Stripe account.

How to sell school events with Coconut Tickets

  1. Start by signing-up for a free trial
  2. Send us a message with proof of your educational status
  3. We will supercharge your account to sell your event for free
  4. Enter your event details
  5. Sell your tickets

Offer key conditions. To benefit from the free ticketing limited offer we will need to verify that you represent a registered educational institution and, when open for registration, the event needs to be communicated on your institution's website.

Start selling your school event

Multiple Event types

Sell tickets to events that are: concerts, ceremonies, graduations, fund raising, shows, drama, sporting events and more. Public and private (by invitation) ticket events.

Flexible Ticketing

Zero priced free tickets or paid tickets. Create your own ticket categories, e.g. adult or child, with specific availability and pricing.

Customize booking forms

Collect important information from your event attendees with your own custom questions and booking form, or use the default form.

Customize confirmation emails

Change the ticket email confirmation message to suit your event. E-ticket is sent as a PDF with the confirmation.

Sales landing page

Customize the page that your event guests see. Drag, drop and click information blocks to design your own page.

Custom URL

Make the link to your event tickets easily remembered by entering the words for your own custom URL.

Sales Promotion

Discount coupons

For paid events, attract guests by offering coupons to enable discounted tickets.


Display your schools logo or event banner on both your sales page and on top of all tickets.


If you choose to, you can define your own custom meta description and SEO page title for your sales landing page.

Structured Data Snippets

Your public events will be automatically published to search engines as structured data snippets which increases the event visibility

Ticket Selling Operations

See Tickets remaining

See immediately how many tickets (for each category) you have left for your event.

View Tickets sold

Know how many tickets you have sold by looking at the report online or reading the daily sales bulletin email. Optional spreadsheet download.

Manage bookings

See the status of any booking. Re-send tickets. Cancel bookings

Take manual bookings

For the few cases where a guest cannot buy online, enter manual bookings directly into Coconut Tickets.

Confirmation and Email Archive

If you have any queries about confirmations that have already been sent then you can find them in the email archive. Click to re-send.

Resend lost tickets

Not every e-ticket will reach your guests by email. Easily re-send any tickets to the original buyer or to an alternative address.

Event Entry

Smart Phone App

Simplify event entry by checking tickets using our free ticket scanning smart phone app. Avoid allowing entry with duplicated tickets.

Door list

For manual event entry print or download your event door list. Contains the name, address and ticket number of every ticket sold.

Ticket Payment

Direct payout

Use your own Stripe or PayPal account, withdraw funds at anytime.

Your own account

Ticket revenues are paid directly into your Stripe or PayPal account.