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Sell Tickets on WordPress

Sell tickets easily to a wide range of events from your WordPress website using the Coconut Tickets WordPress plugin.

Secure ticket processing takes place in the Coconut Tickets cloud. Collect ticket payment directly in your own Stripe or PayPal account; no middle man and no per ticket fees. Follow up on sales progress with Coconut Tickets reports and analytics. At event entry, scan tickets with the free Coconut Tickets app.

How to sell tickets on WordPress with Coconut Tickets

  1. Create your account on Coconut Tickets website and enter your event details
  2. Install the free Coconut Tickets WordPress plugin on your website.
  3. From the Coconut Tickets dashboard generate the WordPress short code for your event
  4. Paste the shortcode on your web page and start selling!

Integration with your WordPress site


Our free ticket selling plugin is available in the official WordPress repository. Paste the plugin shortcode wherever you wish to see your ticket sales page on your website. Works with native WordPress pages and popular WordPress page builders.

Coconut Tickets Cloud

Each ticket sale is processed securely on Coconut Tickets cloud, not on your WordPress website. Your customer doesnt leave your website. Safe and reliable ticket processing.

Start selling


Start with a 1 month free trial. Then when you sell tickets, pay a fixed fee per ticket at the end of each month.

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Multiple Event types

Many different types of events can be sold through the WordPress plugin. Successful events have been sold from 10 to 10,000 people. Inlcudes indoor, outdoor, festivals, conferences and charity events.


Customizable ticketing

Define your own ticket categories (e.g. adult or family). Set sales limits on each category. Control the number of tickets that can be sold at each checkout.

Booking form customization

Drag, drop and click to create your own online bookings forms, or choose the default name, address and telephone. Collect the information you need from your event attendees.

Confirmation email customization

Each event can have its own customized email confirmation or you can use the default confirmation already created for you. Use keywords to dynamically include booking information into your email.

Ticket sales landing page

Drag, drop and select content blocks to design your own sales landing page. Or accept the default page that is automatically created for you.

Promoting your event

Event discount coupons

Send customers coupons that will give them a discount on the ticket price. Coupons can give a fixed or percentage discount. Add a custom message when the coupon has been used.

Your branding

Customize your sales page and tickets with your own branding. Add your companies banner. Include your customer service contact details.

Ticket Selling Operations

How many tickets remaining?

View a report for your event at anytime showing how many tickets are left compared to the limits you configured for each ticket category.

How many tickets sold?

Easily take a snapshot of your ticket sales, revenue by ticket category, for each event.

Easily Manage your bookings

Review bookings, re-print tickets. Modify booking details or change booking statuses.

Offline manual bookings

Enter offline bookings manually. Choose to send the e-ticket directly to the ticket owner by email or save and send using other means.

Confirmation and Email Storage

Search for records of confirmation emails that have already been sent. View them online, download them or re-send them.

Resend tickets

Easily find tickets for past bookings and re-send them to the ticket buyer or to another email address of your choosing.

Event Entry Options


Control entry to your event using the free scanning app. Quickly determine if a ticket has already been used and whether the ticket holder can enter the event.

Event entry door list

Alternative to scanning tickets. Print a list of all event attendees ordered by last name for quick reference.

Ticket Payout

Direct payout

No waiting. Customer ticket revenue is paid directly even before the event starts.

Your own account

Receive your ticket revenue directly into your own Stripe or PayPal account.