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Sell Time Slot Tickets

Is the day of your event divided into time slots or periods, and you need to issue tickets valid only for a specific time slot? Then Coconut Tickets is your affordable online solution.

Time slot ticketing requires a solution that is both solid and flexible. Coconut Tickets has experience of complex time slot ticketing events and can provide a complete solution that is intuitive to the customer booking the time slot and manageable for the event organizer. No need to copy your event details for each time slot, create one event and then define your time slots for that event.

How to sell time slot tickets with Coconut Tickets

  1. Create your account on Coconut Tickets website and enter your event details
  2. Define each time slot period
  3. Create tickets for your event where a customer will select their time slot
  4. Design your sales landing page
  5. From the Coconut Tickets dashboard put your event on sale

Defining Time Slots and Tickets

Regular time slots

Use our time slot editor to create your time slots. Enter the start and end time of each time slot. This allows maximum flexibility including allowing for gaps between time slots when you can prepare for the next event participants.

Time slot exceptions

For a multi-day event your time slots may not be identical on every day. You can tell Coconut Tickets about this by entering the time slots for any exceptional days (e.g. late closing with extra slots on the last day).

Ticket categories

For an event that has time slots defined, every ticket you create will automatically be a time slot ticket. You can create as many ticket categories as you need (e.g. Adult or Child) and assign a ticket price to each category.

Ticket cut-off times

Avoid having customers buy tickets just before the time slot starts. Customize the event ticket sales cut-off by defining the minimum number of minutes any time slot tickets can be bought before the time slot starts.

Buying Time Slot Tickets

Time slot ticket selection

On your sales page your customers will see each of the categories of tickets that you have on sale. For a single day event they will need to select the time slot and the ticket quantity before they can proceed, if it is a multi day event then they will also need to select the day that they wish to attend.

Time slot ticket availability

As your customers start to make their ticket selections they will see immediately if the number of tickets is limited or if a particular time slot is sold out. Coconut Tickets manages the availability of tickets independently for each time slot.

Issuing time slot tickets

When your customer has paid online then their e-tickets are sent to them by email. Each ticket has a unique QR code and a reference number that is unique for the time slot and day of the event that they wish to attend.

Time Slot Event Entry

Door lists

Before the event starts you can view online or print your door list. The door list groups all tickets sold by date, time slot and name. You can use the list to manually validate and check tickets when your event attendees arrive.

Scanning time slot tickets

Use the free Coconut Tickets scanning app to validate tickets at the entrance to your event. This will be more efficient than using the manual printed door list and will allow more than one person to scan tickets at the same time.

Getting Started


Start with a 1 month free trial. Then only pay a fixed fee for the tickets you have sold. You can cancel at anytime.

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