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Your own free trial or pro package

Sign-up now and select the package “Free Trial” to get your free trial for one month (for one event with up to 300 tickets). There is no obligation required and no credit card or payment details needed. This is a limited offer that could be withdrawn at any time.

Come and see what Coconut Tickets can do to sell tickets for your events. Experience how our years of managing events and building ticketing systems can help you and your business succeed.

Professional event management packages

Choose from a selection of professional packages and start selling tickets to your events straight away. Each package entitles you to sell a defined number of events with a combined total number of tickets. Subscriptions are payable each month.

How to create your account

  1. Below this list, click to select the membership level you require.
  2. You will be taken to a “Membership Checkout” page. This page asks you to provide basic profile information, including your name, desired username, email address, a password.
  3. For the free trial you will not be asked to enter payment information.

Affordable event ticketing by monthly subscription for every budget




Free trial for 1 month, sell event of up to tickets, no commitment




Use the tool below to calculate which subscription plan is best for you

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Pricing terms explanation. Pricing plans define the maximum number of ticketing events that can be on sale at any one time and the number of tickets (public tickets and vendor tickets) that can be sold. Public tickets are counted as being the sale of the right for one person to enter or participate in that event. For example, a family ticket for 4 people will be counted as 4 tickets. A complete vendor order (one pitch or slot) is counted as one vendor ticket. A ticketing event is the combination of the event and the types of tickets on sale. For example, the sale of public tickets and one type of vendor pitch has a ticketing event count of 2.