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Coconut Tickets is a flexible online ticketing platform that enables event organizers to sell tickets to a wide range of events. See below how you can benefit from the rich features of Coconut Tickets.

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Flexible pricing. Event organizers only pay when they have sold tickets. No hidden fees. No contract to sign.

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Multiple Event types

Sell tickets to events that are: outdoor festivals, indoor presentations, outdoor shows, short repeating events, charity fundraisers and more. Single day and multi-day events.

Flexible Ticketing

Create and customize your own tickets. Unlimited ticket types. Set a zero ticket price for free events. Automatically keep tickets sold within the venue limit. Control number of tickets allowed at checkout to reduce re-selling.

Customize booking forms

Use the default booking form or customize it with your own questions. Collect only the information you need with conditional questions that are asked depending on the answer given to the last question.

Customize confirmation emails

Use the default email confirmation template or customize it for each event with your own words, paragraphs and fonts. E-ticket is sent as a PDF with the confirmation.

Sales landing page

Create your sales landing page by dragging, dropping and selecting content blocks or choose the ready made default landing page. Use the same landing page with multiple events.

Custom URL

Give your event sales landing page the URL name of your choice. Make it easy for your customers to remember your sales page address and make it easier for them to find your event and then buy your tickets on the internet.

Wait list

When your event is sold out, allow interested customers to register on your event wait list. Then, when more tickets become available, invite these customers to book.

Sales Promotion

Discount coupons

Create coupons to help increase ticket sales by reducing the price for a specific event, for a period of time or for a special group of customers. Discounts can be fixed amounts of percentages of the ticket price.


Put your company logo or event banner on both your sales page and on top of all tickets. Your own service email address and service telephone number is displayed during ticket sales.


Place links to your sales pages anywhere on your website or social media. Use your existing assets to drive event sales.

Sell merchandise too

Cross sell and increase revenue received before the event. Create optional products that can be bought after ticket selection and before checkout; e.g. T-shirts, memorabilia, or snack vouchers.


Define your own custom meta description and SEO page title for your sales landing page. Improve the discovery of your event for new customers.

Structured Data Snippets

All your events are automatically published as structured data snippets to the major search engines. This helps more people find your sales landing page when they search for events on the internet.

Ticket Selling Operations

See Tickets remaining

When tickets are limited by the size of a venue, see how many tickets are left to sell by ticket category and in total. View online or download as a spreadsheet.

View Tickets sold

See how many tickets have been sold in each ticket category for your event. View online or download as a spreadsheet.

Manage bookings

Query existing bookings. Print tickets or print invoices. Change booking statuses. Edit the content of a booking.

Take manual bookings

When you receive bookings by phone, or you need to create complementary tickets for sponsors, enter a booking manually and send the e-tickets to the attendee.

Confirmation and Email Archive

Review which emails have been sent by viewing the email archive. Filter emails sent by their status and identify any emails that were not received.

Resend lost tickets

From time to time, customers will need tickets resent because they have been lost or some may never have been received. From the Email archive easily click and resend confirmation emails with e-tickets.

Sales Analytics

Event sales

See how many tickets you have sold by ticket category and status. View a graph of tickets sold since the event started. See ticket revenue by ticket category. Graph ticket revenue since the event started.


Compare sales performance for the selected event between this year and last year as with an on screen graph. Or, compare sales of two different events over a similar time frame.

Event Entry


Use the free Android app to scan e-tickets at the door to your event. The app will tell you whether a ticket is valid and whether it has been used yet or not. Any member of your team can scan tickets for your event at the same time.

Door list

Download and print a list of all the valid entrants for your event. List is ordered by customers last name for easy reference. Useful for events where you do not wish to scan tickets.

Ticket Payment

Direct payout

No need to wait for your event to end before getting paid. Customer payment is deposited into your own Stripe or PayPal account as soon as it is cleared. No waiting and no penalties for early withdrawal.

Your own account

Payment directly into your own PayPal or Stripe account. No middle man and no hidden payment fees from Coconut Tickets.

Customer Database

List customers

List customers who attended one of your events, a series of your events or an event on a specific date. Rank customers by revenue. View on screen or export to spreadsheet.


Answer questions such as, who attended my event last year and also attended this year? View results on screen or export to a spreadsheet.


Repeating events

To repeat an event, add a new date to your existing event and start selling tickets for the new date. No copy/paste needed. Sales data is available for year on year analysis.

Time slots

Sell tickets for your event that is divided into short time slot periods; e.g. 10am, 11am. Great for face to face consultations, fitness classes, ice rinks, etc.

Event groups

Multiple event shopping cart. Sell multiple events from one sales page with an event group. Simplifies the customers buying experience when multiple events are held next to each other on the same day.

Consolidated confirmations

Choose between confirming one item, one event or multiple events in the same purchase as being one or many e-tickets. Can reduce long queues by reducing the number of tickets to scan.

Vendor tickets, vendor applications and vendor requests

Vendor models

Sell concessions and vendor slots online and deliver e-tickets. Vendor slot models include area based pitches, frontage pitches and fixed layout pitches.

Auction or Fixed Price

Choose between vendors paying a fixed price for a certain pitch (e.g. by pitch size) or entering a bid for the pitch they require. Bids are closed at your control, after which you can award pitches to the best proposals you receive.

Manual review and payment

Choose the vendor application workflow, either a vendor application is accepted automatically leading to online payment, or a pitch request has to be approved manually and then the vendor is invited to pay online.

Go paperless

Use your online booking form for vendors to upload their documents; e.g. insurance documents or menus. Reduces the need to follow up with vendors by email or have them send paper documents.



Customers can pay directly into your own Stripe account. No middle man or additional fees. See the payment immediately on your Stripe dashboard.


Support for both PayPal REST and PayPal Classic payment integration. Using these interfaces, ticket buying customers can pay directly into your PayPal account.


Use the free Coconut Tickets WordPress Plugin to embed your sales page directly on your WordPress website. Customers can buy tickets without leaving your WordPress website.

Social Media

Sell your tickets on social media by posting a URL link to your sales page. Customers click on your link and will be automatically presented with your sales page on the Coconut Tickets platform.